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Eat Better, Eat Together

Eating with your family and friends on a regular basis has been associated with improved social skills, better-eating habits, and fewer behavioral problems in teenagers.

It is also helpful for reducing stress in adults. Every year, October serves as Eat Better, Eat Together Month. While the history of the day is unknown, it is meant to promote better eating habits and encourage us to share more meals together. Below are some reasons why we should participate in eat better eat together.

It focuses on food: Many of us have simply forgotten how to enjoy a meal. This month shines a spotlight on one of the most important things we do to survive. That would be eating.

It encourages community spirit: We often have no clue what is going on in the lives of those closest to us. The month is meant to foster a community spirit through sharing meals.

It helps us make better food choices: The month-long observance encourages us to be more aware of what we’re eating. That triple burger might taste delicious, but if that’s all you are having, you are missing out.

We have put together some recipes you can prepare and enjoy with your family and friends.


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