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We brought our son to see Dr. Lisa Humfeld-Wilson for warts on his hands. We had previously gone to have them frozen off twice but all that happened was he went from 3-5 warts to 12. We knew there was more that needed to be done. Through her muscle testing and dietary changes we are so happy to say ALL of his warts are gone! Thank you for working with our family to help our son! - Allison

I went and saw Lisa after I pulled my back doing some outdoor work. I was shoveling. I could barely sit up straight and was in a bunch of pain. I went and saw Lisa right away and she was able to help with immediate relief. I wasn’t sure if I was able to be at work for the day but after I saw Lisa I was right back at it. Thank you Lisa. I highly recommend seeing Lisa and her team. - Matt

Dr. Lisa is a dynamic, problem-solving powerhouse. Her approach to chiropractic is holistic. She treats not just physical aches and pains, but understands the interplay of body, mind and spirit. I recommend her application of the BEST protocol for releasing emotional issues held in the body. - Colleen

My experience with Dr. Lisa has been excellent! Dr. Lisa is thorough and efficient in her application of Nutrition Response Therapy. In just six weeks I have seen improved energy as well as decreased tension and fatigue. I have had very minimal stomach aches which is new for me! I would trust any of my family and friends in the care of Humfeld Chiropractic.  - Wildflower Chinese Medicine

I started going to Dr. Lisa after having to deal with infertility for a long time and then a few miscarriages.Thanks to her nutritional testing and program I was able to get pregnant within a year and delivered a healthy baby girl last February.

I’m grateful for the changes she made on my daily routine that helped me get my miracle baby. If you are having issues with infertility please call her for a consultation there is nothing to lose and this might be the best decision you make after trying so many things to get pregnant. Thanks for reading me. - Claudia

Dr. Lisa is a very caring person who loves to share her knowledge of how to attain good health with anyone. She offers gentle care that is most effective. I highly recommend Dr. Lisa. - Linda

I highly recommend Dr Humfeld for her work on nutrition counseling. She has worked with me the past several years on finding the right supplements and advising on healthy products for me. - Jan

I have had a great experience at every appointment. Lisa is extremely attentive to your individual needs And takes the time to make sure you are on the right program. I am always impressed with her knowledge base and the fact that she keeps educating herself to become better at what she does in order to help her clients. - Karen

Dr. Lisa has been wonderful to work with. I was able to get x-rays to see the actual cause of my constant neck pain. The small adjustments really help. I've also had great success with fine tuning my supplements through nutritional response testing. I highly recommend Dr. Lisa for all your chiropractic and nutrition related health concerns. If you have had any chronic health issue, she can help get you started in the right direction even if your regular doctor hasn't been able to help.  - Jolene

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