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Women Who Are Taking Charge!

Women’s health has become a highlight in news articles and on every magazine cover. Perhaps you, your sister, daughter, mother or friend have complained about the following:

  • Infertility

  • Yeast infections

  • Skin conditions

  • Weight control

  • Menstrual irregularities

  • PMS

  • Menopausal symptoms

  • Chronic bladder problems

Many women turn to medicine for a fix. They end up taking more and more pills to help them feel better. The problem with it though, is those medications can create even more problems.

Yet, there is another group of women who are taking charge of their health. They are going to the root of their health concerns to find answers. Some are finding that with care, their symptoms are getting better and some challenges are even disappearing.

Take menopause for example. The medical community treats it as a disease and prescribes medications such as hormone replacement therapy to “deal” with the change. Women are afraid of what will happen because of all the negative things we hear.

However it is a biological process that happens naturally. There are things that are unnatural that DO have an affect on our bodies. Things like processed sugar, foods that contain preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides all bring about changes in our bodies that make us react adversely. People are told that it is natural to put those things into our bodies and for some their main diet consists of processed food and an unbalanced diet, not to mention the additives that are intentionally and unintentionally added.

But the more we learn, the more cautious we become. Some have found their best results have come from Nutrition Response Testing. The symptoms we experience most always have a hidden health problem.

Take a look at this example from a professional woman who had been experiencing hot flashes:

“I had been feeling very well since beginning my (Nutrition Response Testing) program… having eliminated back and shoulder pain, headaches, etc. But my hot flashes and night sweats were still a problem. One food that I really enjoyed and tended to eat too much of (snacking on them throughout the day) was cashews. After being tested for and advised to stoop eating them: Bingo! One day later my hot flashes had totally disappeared and have not returned.”

Or this one…

“I began to have severe menopausal symptoms starting about a year ago. The hot flashes during the day and the night sweats during sleep were terrible. I remembered how my mother suffered during her climacteric and how many years it took before she was over these problems. I asked my longtime acupuncturist, Paul Rosen, to help me lessen these menopausal symptoms. He started me on a (Nutrition Response Testing) program in which I use a special herbal treatment along with a diet plan. I began to feel much better within a week. The night sweats and hot flashes are pretty much gone and I sleep comfortably every night.”

Here food elimination and diet or adding a supplement, were simple solutions. Going to the root of the symptoms rather than taking in more medications that would only cover over the problem was the answer.

Through testing, you too can take charge of your health and experience help for your health issues.

Click here to schedule an appointment and take charge starting now!

For more information please see the book, The Great Health Heist from which these example was taken.


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