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Think Before You Ink

Most people who get tattoos do not consider how the materials and the procedure can harm their health for the long term. When you know that the results of getting a tattoo will be that heavy metals and other toxins will be injected into your skin, and the punctures will affect the density of your skin forever, you might want to think before you ink.

Tattoo inks can contain heavy metals

Many standard tattoo pigments get their permanence from heavy metals: lead, antimony, beryllium, chromium, cobalt, nickel and arsenic. Some people have reported that their tattoos burn or sting during an MRI procedure because the metal in their skin responds to the magnetic resonance in the machine. Heavy metals are linked to a variety of health problems including cancer, neurological problems and birth defects to name just a few. Some inks also contain toxic phthalates and hydrocarbons which have been shown to damage internal organs such as the liver, kidneys and lungs.

Toxins from tattoos can show up in the body in different ways for different people. One person might have eczema or dry itchy skin, another might start to get headaches, have mood swings and develop anemia. Metal can accumulate anywhere in the body. Some people may have symptoms like poor memory, skin rashes and chronic skin conditions like acne, constipation, poor sleep quality, or low resistance to infection. The effects of tattoo ink can show up right away, and for some people, serious health concerns show up much later in life.

Tattooing creates permanent scars

There are enough stories in the media to alert people to the dangers of infection and disease from the needles used to apply tattoo ink, but what most people don’t realize is that the procedure creates scars. Tattoos, like other scars, have consistently been found to disturb the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. Abnormal nerve function can be present in any area of skin with a scar on it. These scars can sometimes suddenly “become active” (even years after they were formed) and accumulate nerve electricity, which is randomly discharged, confusing the nervous system. Because they act as capacitors which accumulate nerve energy, scars affect organs in the body and interfere with healing even if they are far away from the scar site.

Identifying health stress caused by tattoos

Nutrition Response TestingSM can detect the presence of some toxins such as those that are present in tattoo inks. Metals decrease the body’s ability to absorb nutrients and congestion in the main organs of elimination, like the bowels, skin, liver and kidneys as your body tries to detox. You are always naturally detoxing, but you can always improve the ability to drain toxic fluids, release metals and other toxins, and properly absorb nutrients.

Using Nutrition Response TestingSM, I can help identify what areas of the body are stressed because of metal accumulation and the presence of scars. Then, using Designed Clinical Nutrition, I select safe and effective nutrients, homeopathic remedies or herbs that will allow good nutrients to be absorbed. This is in turn will help reduce concentrations of metals in the body, enhance the body’s natural healing response and get you on track for improved health and a better quality of life.

Didn’t do this thinking before inking?

If you are experiencing less than optimal health, and you have tattoos on your body, you should consider that they may be an underlying cause for your issues. The results from Nutrition Response TestingSM will help to determine the unique factors that are hindering your health and get you on track for better health. While the tattoo is there to stay, our bodies have the capability to detox if the right digestive and neurological environment is created internally by eating the right foods and supporting body function with the right whole food supplements.

The way to better health starts with a consultation. Please email or call Dr. Lisa at 507-333-5388 to set up a consultation.


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