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The Power of Forgiveness

Each of us faces our own obstacles in life. These obstacles often bring hurt feelings or feelings of injustice, or enduring bitterness. In order to help our mind and body heal, we must leave behind the feeling of hurt, bitterness or other negative feelings. Humfeld Chiropractic is sharing the steps of forgiveness taught by Morter Health System, you can neutralize negative residue of the past. Forgiveness is done for your sake, not the sake of the person who offended you.

The important thing to remember is that “forgive” doesn’t mean “approve.” You don’t have to condone or sanction actions that hurt or offended you. However, if you want your internal environment of your body to be operating at its best, you must forgive the person involved, even if that person is you.

Forgiving those who have hurt you in some way – or forgiving yourself – has long-term health benefits that may save your life. Certainly, practicing true forgiveness on a regular basis relieves stress to your body and allows it to function at its best. When your body functions as effortlessly as possible, you reap benefits of feeling better and having increased energy, a brighter outlook on life, and a better shot at satisfaction in life. And, that kind of energy brings that kind of energy to you in all aspects of your life.

Steps of Forgiveness

1. Self Forgiveness. “I forgive myself for any harm I may have caused myself because of (whomever).”

2. Forgive the other person. “I forgive (whomever) for any harm he or she may have caused me.”

3. Give the other person permission to forgive you. “I give (whomever) absolute permission to forgive me for any harm I may have caused him or her.”

4. Learn the lesson. Nothing ever happens TO us, but always FOR us to learn a lesson. The lesson could be:

  • How not to treat another person

  • Help others who experienced a similar situation

  • Seeing the good in the situation

5. Wish (whomever) well. You must mean what you say.

In addition to these steps of forgiveness, the B.E.S.T. technique, an Aroma Freedom Technique session, a reiki session, a hypnosis/craniosacral therapy session or even a session on the PEMF mat can help you.

Here is a poem that recently appeared in the Dear Abby column of a newspaper regarding forgiveness.


By Robert Muller

Decide to forgive

For resentment is negative

Resentment is poisonous

Resentment diminishes and devours the self.

Be the first to forgive,

To smile and to take the first step

And you will see happiness bloom

On the face of your human brother or sister.

Be always the first

Do not wait for others to forgive

For by forgiving

You become the master of fate

The fashioner of life

A doer of miracles.

To forgive is the highest,

Most beautiful form of love.

In return you will receive

Untold peace and happiness.

And here is the program for achieving a truly forgiving heart:

SUNDAY: Forgive yourself.

MONDAY: Forgive your family.

TUESDAY: Forgive your friends and associates.

WEDNESDAY: Forgive across economic lines within your own nation.

THURSDAY: Forgive across cultural lines within your own nation.

FRIDAY: Forgive across political lines within your own nation.

SATURDAY: Forgive other nations.

Only the brave know how to forgive. A coward never forgives.

It is not in his nature.


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