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The November Gratitude Challenge

We should all devote some time each day to focus on gratitude. During the challenge, spend a few moments writing down all of the things you are feeling most grateful for at that moment. Make a list, or choose one item to elaborate on. It is up to you.

Although we could stop there, gratitude is most effective when we share it. Each day, you will be asked to practice sharing your appreciation. If you are feeling especially grateful for someone one day, then share that with that person. If you’re grateful for the beauty of the autumn leaves, share that with someone, too! Gratitude is contagious! Finally, at the end of each day, you are asked to take a few moments to reflect on your day and write about the one thing you were most grateful for that day, or the highlight of your day.

Everything and everyone present in your life today IS a gift. Nothing really belongs to you. Your family, friends, material possessions, and even your children are in your trusted care and are on loan to you temporarily to enrich your life, but nothing and no one is even guaranteed to be here tomorrow. That is why it is so important to recognize and appreciate the blessings we have in our lives right now and to give thanks for them.

When we learn to be content with everything we have in our lives right now and view it all as a gift, we cannot help but be happy. But, if we always choose to focus our thoughts on things or people we may have lost or the things we wish we had, we will always be searching for happiness and wanting for more. In every situation you encounter, look for the good and always try to find a reason to be grateful.

I believe gratitude is the secret to happiness. No matter what our situation is, choosing happiness is something we can all learn to do. We all have so much to be grateful for each day. The sun rises each morning for each of us. The perfection of nature is all around us and is available to us at any moment. When we stop to appreciate the good, we can’t help but find happiness in those moments. Take the challenge with me and discover a life of gratitude and happiness! Below is a great journal to start your Gratitude journey today!


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