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The Many Benefits of Young Living’s Thieves Line

With cold and flu season still in full swing and the new world-wide epidemic of the Coronavirus, we feel it is an appropriate time to once again talk about the amazing benefits of using Thieves. Thieves can be used every day for your health, your family’s health, and most importantly your immune system. But first a little history of how the Thieves line with Young Living came about.

The history behind Thieves essential oils and cleaners comes from a story that dates back to 15th-century France. The legend talks of four thieves who were known for wearing a special blend of botanicals while completing their stealthy missions. This blend of botanicals was believed to protect them from illness and unsanitary conditions. The inevitable happened when the four thieves were captured. The French authorities who captured them believed there were many benefits to having the secret fragrance the four thieves wore. The thieves were offered mercy if they would disclose the ingredients for this special blend. From this event in history, the same blend of botanicals has been used in the Thieves line with Young Living.

This unique blend features Clove oil, Cinnamon Bark oil, Eucalyptus Radiata oil, Rosemary oil, and Lemon oil. The Thieves line from Young Living offers a full range of household cleaning products, personal care products, and oral care products.

Thieves not only has amazing cleaning powers on a variety of surfaces and spills but also has a pleasing aroma and antimicrobial properties. Thieves cleaners contain no harmful, nor harsh chemicals yet it has the same ability to clean surfaces of bacteria just as well as, or in our opinion better than, typical antibacterial cleaners. Experiments and studies have shown Thieves household cleaner has the same proficiency as typical cleaners (etc. 409, Lysol, bleach) but what makes it better is that Thieves contain nothing harmful if ingested or if it comes in direct contact with skin.

The multitude of uses for Thieves products is amazing. You can use the oil in a diffuser, topically, and internally. Thieves oil has amazing benefits for immune health. Thieves can be used to make hand sanitizer, foaming hand soap, and antimicrobial play dough, just to name a few. Thieves can be added to a plethora of other recipes to aid support to the immune system, such as immunity rollers, cough syrup, chest rub. Certain blends of oils with Thieves can also be used for sinus and allergy relief. The variety of high-quality products in the Young Living Thieves line is a must-have in every household.

No harmful residue. No harsh smell. No risk of burn or skin irritation with direct contact.

Yes, to Thieves!

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Bonus: Here are a few uses for Thieves oil

  • Diffuse, rub on feet or ingest to relieve cold and flu symptoms.

  • Place a drop on your thumb and apply it to the roof of the mouth for headache relief.

  • Apply to broken bones to alleviate pain and help with healing.

  • Apply a drop on teeth or gums to help with toothaches or gum soreness.

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