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Long Term Effects of Childhood Bullying

Numerous studies have looked at what happens to kids that have been the victim of bullying. Some of these studies also look at the what happens to these children over a 50 year period of time. The mental and emotional trauma of bullying can have a lifetime of negative effects on a person.

According to a study published in Am J Psychiatry, victims of bullying developed higher rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide than their non-victimized peers. Childhood bullying victimization was associated with a lack of social relationships, economic hardship, and poor perceived quality of life at age 50. (1)

Besides the mental health effects that show up later in life as a result being bullied as kid, there other negative effects bullying has on the body. According to a study by Cambridge University Press, bullied children are at risk of increased levels of CRP (C-Reactive Protein is marker for inflammation) and obesity.

Services at Humfeld Chiropractic & Nutrition Center that can help someone who is the victim of childhood bullying:

  • Aroma Freedom Technique

  • B.E.S.T.

  • Hypnosis

  • Reiki


1. Takizawa, R., Danese, A., Maughan, B., & Arseneault, L. (2014).4Adult Health Outcomes of Childhood Bullying Victimization: Evidence From a Five-Decade Longitudinal British Birth Cohort. Am J Psychiatry 171(7):777-84.

2. Takizawa, R., Danese, A., Maughan, B., & Arseneault, L. (2015). Bullying victimization in childhood predicts inflammation and obesity at mid-life: A five-decade birth cohort study. Psychological Medicine, 45(13), 2705-2715.


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