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How to Increase Your Energetic Frequency

In general, we know that every living thing has energy. Every cell in the body has an energetic frequency that will maintain if no outside influences affect its being. However, you would have to live in a vacuum-like bubble to maintain life like that and even in that situation you would likely influence your cells energy by not having sufficient stimulation to support growth. Energy is never lost or used up but can move from positive to negative and vice versa.

Stress, negative thoughts, and poor diet can cause a negative flow of energy in the body. Love, positivity, meditation, and whole foods can cause a positive flow of energy in the body. These of course are just a few factors which can change the energetic frequency in the human body.

Essential oils are very special in the sense that they are pure, if grown and produced properly, and produce positive increases in frequency. In fact, it is said that clinical research shows that essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, creating an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc., cannot live. If this is so, why don’t we all use essential oils in our everyday lives to live a more optimal life? I believe it’s because many of us, like myself up until a few years ago, just did not know the incredible benefits of therapeutic grade essential oils.

So, it’s my honor to share this information and to open the door to those who would like to learn more about using essential oils to increase their body’s frequency to not only improve overall health but create an environment in which disease cannot live and grow.

Below is a chart which shows a general overview of frequencies of the human condition.

Normal Brain wave frequency is 72-78 MHz

Visionary Range 120 MHz

Bone 38-43 MHz

From the neck down 62-68 MHz is a healthy body’s normal frequency.

Headaches will start if the frequency drops just 4 points.

58 MHz Disease begins, like cold symptoms.

57 MHz Flu invades the body.

55 MHz when more serious problems come about like pneumonia.

Epstein Barr etc.

48 MHz is when tissue breakdown from disease.

42 MHz is when cancer can set in.

20 MHz death.

This is somewhat obscure without a reference to what a MHz would look like or affect. Rather than try to explain the physics of energy and measuring in MHz, I’ll give you a listing of different oil’s energetic frequencies.

While we cannot claim that oils will cure disease, we know that they positively benefit millions of people around the world. You can see how using essential oils in your daily life could greatly increase your energy and in turn increase your vitality and quality of life.

If you’d like to learn more about essential oils, please contact us directly in office at

(507) 333-5388.


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