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Eat This! Not That! – HCNC Edition

Eat This! Not That! **Healthy Food Swaps**

Eat This! Filtered or Sparkling Water

Not That! Soda

Adding citrus essential oils to your water will give it a refreshing twist leaving you feeling refreshed and not bloated from that sugar gut!

Eat This! Melted Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil

Not That! Canola Oil, Vegetable Oil

Melted butter, olive oil, and coconut oil are healthier options that will leave your food with the same great flavor, minus the added fats and preservatives!

Eat This! Quick, homemade Vinaigrette

Not That! Store bought salad dressing

Another healthier option leaving your salads with wonderful flavor, without all the additives and preservatives! Click here for the recipe.

Eat This! Nut Thins

Not That! Crackers made from white flour (Wheat Thins)

Top rice flour crackers with a homemade jam, mashed avocado, or smoked salmon for a healthy snack!

Eat This! Hummus

Not That! Veggie Dip

Make your own hummus or look for store-bought options made with chickpeas and olive oil! Click here for an easy recipe.

Eat This! Toasted Nuts, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds

Not That! Croutons

By toasting nuts or seeds, you’re adding healthier fats to your diet versus the added sodium and preservatives in store bought croutons.

Eat This! 2 Ingredient Banana Ice Cream

Not That! Store-bought Ice Cream

With just bananas and milk of your choice, this recipe will leave you feeling guilt free and kick your craving at the same time! Click here for the recipe.

It is so simple to start cutting out foods with additives and preservatives and start replacing them with homemade, natural foods that take you little to no time to make! Not only will making simple switches to your foods like this keep you fuller longer, but it will also provide your body with the proper nutrients it needs to function properly, and it will kick those cravings of yours! :)


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