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Who Do You Blame For Your Health?

To Be or Not To…Healthy…That is the Question.

It’s not “because of” your mom, dad, husband, wife, kids, job being too busy, or any other excuse, rationalization or justification you give for not living a healthy lifestyle. At Humfeld Chiropractic, we believe in nutrition first.

It’s only about your choice! Choose a better lifestyle that includes healthy nutrition, daily exercise, mindfulness, and Chiropractic.

At our office we teach the six essentials of health. The choices you make in six essential areas determine whether you follow a lifestyle that results in permanent good health or one that can lead to distress, illness, depression…an unbalanced system that leads to disease.

1. What you eat.

Your diet should consist of approximately 75% fruits and vegetables and 25% everything else. This keeps your body alkaline (its natural state) instead of acidic. It is in this state your body is most able to fight injury and disease.

2. What you drink.

Avoid stimulants such as coffee and alcohol. Drink mostly pure water or fruit juices. Reverse osmosis water is recommended.

3. How you exercise.

Get 30 minutes of whole body exercise three times a week. Help you body stay flexible. You’ll be surprised at how good it feels and how the tendency to suffer injuries is reduced.

4. How you rest.

Good sleep every night (6-8 hours) is essential to your body’s ability to heal and recharge itself. Avoid stimulants and heavy meals before you go to sleep.

5. What and how you breathe.

You should breathe from your abdomen, not raising and lowering shoulders with each breath. Clean, smoke-free air is also essential to permanent good health. If you can smell the air you breathe, it is probably not healthy.

6. What you think.

Choices in this area are more important than in all the other areas combined! Negative thinking, judgment, indecisiveness, and worry all build up over time and wear your body down. Think about what you think about, and focus on more positive, loving thinking.


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