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Natural Healing After Thyroid Cancer

When you are a mother of three kids whom you home-school, care for an elderly parent, and run a home based business as well as a household, you need a lot of energy. That was the problem for Alexa*. She just didn’t have the energy to accomplish what she wanted and needed to do each day. She was getting it done, but it was a daily struggle.

A cancer survivor, Alexa had her thyroid removed and was on medication to replace the hormone that she could no longer produce. When “cured” of the cancer, she thought that she would regain her strength and stamina but she didn’t find the formula for a full recovery until she started to pay attention to her whole body systems through Designed Clinical Nutrition with Dr. Lisa Humfeld-Wilson. It was only then that she was able to stimulate the natural healing that would lead her to a better quality of life.

Natural Healing for Metabolism

Alexa first came to Dr. Lisa because of her inability to lose weight. No matter how few calories she consumed, or how many hours she exercised each week, she couldn’t move off her plateau. With a background in physical therapy and exercise physiology, Alexa was skeptical of the muscle testing techniques of Nutrition Response TestingSM but she was stuck and ready to try something that was outside of her traditional medical training and experience. Although part of her wanted to disprove what she viewed as a “strange art,” she decided to approach testing and treatment with an open mind and today, because of the dramatic results that she experienced, you won’t find a more enthusiastic advocate for Dr. Lisa’s work with Designed Clinical Nutrition.

Customized Nutrition Plan

The nutrition plan that Dr. Lisa customized for Alexa addressed not just her missing thyroid, but her metabolism. Through Nutrition Response TestingSM, food sensitivities were identified and eliminated from her diet. Then whole food supplements were added to build up weak areas. The results were most visible with the increase in energy that Alexa experienced, but she had other areas of improvement in her health including: reversal of anemia, improved memory, improved breathing capacity, elimination of uncontrollable feelings of panic, elimination of joint pain and the leveling out of her monthly female hormone cycle. And that weight she wanted to lose? Gone!

From Survival to Super!

Alexa’s life has been changed “from survival to super!” The beginning of your story doesn’t have to be just like hers in order to find improved health and quality of life with customized nutrition treatment and planning from Dr. Lisa Humfeld-Wilson. Make the decision to move toward a healthier future and schedule a consultation today.

*Name has been changed to protect patient confidentiality


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