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Muffin Pan Eggs

Mornings can be hectic and sometimes we have to take breakfast on the road. You can make a large batch of these to have ready for the week, and they can be catered to individual tastes! Enjoy this high protein breakfast option.


12 Free-range/organic eggs (from a local farmer if possible)

Butter or your favorite oil, for greasing the muffin pan

Grated cheese

Chopped onion

Chopped bell pepper

Chopped spinach

Cooked and chopped bacon, ham, or sausage

*Any other veggie options that you would like. Avoid things like tomatoes and mushrooms as these can make the eggs muffins runny.


  1. Grease the muffin pan, or line with muffin cups.

  2. Crack all 12 eggs and beat together.

  3. Fill each muffin cup about 1/2 to 2/3 full depending on the amount of veggies you will be adding.

  4. Add veggies and cheese, whatever you choose to include.

  5. Bake in 350° oven for about 15 minutes. Times may vary depending on oven and amount of veggies in each cup. Play around with amounts and flavors. *Add salt and pepper if desired or add as you eat them!


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