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Low Back Pain and Gut Health

Restore gut health with the Super 7(R) Action Plan. Restoring gut health is a crucial step toward improving immunity, reducing systematic inflammation, and reducing the risk of autoimmune disease. Talk to Humfeld Chiropractic and Nutrition Center in Minnesota to learn more.

Step 1: Reset

  • Stop eating the Standard American Diet.

  • Eat a plant-forward anti-inflammatory diet, such as the Mediterranean Diet.

    • Good Fats

    • Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

    • Fatty Fish

    • Nuts

    • Whole Grains

  • The cornerstone of the diet is being low in processed carbohydrates.

Step 2: Remove

  • Remove food sensitivities.

    • If nutrition testing shows you are sensitive to a food, remove it from your diet now but not necessarily forever.

  • Remove processed foods, sugar, dairy, and gluten.

    • No GPS (no gluten, processed foods, and sugar)

    • No DNA (no dairy, nicotine, and artificial sweeteners)

  • Remove unwanted pathogens and liver toxins.

    • A liver detoxification program can help get rid of accumulated toxins and reduce the symptoms of toxic build up.

Step 3: Replace

  • Replacing and augmenting vital digestive chemistry allows you to improve digestion and absorption.

  • Shortages of bile, stomach acid, and pancreatic enzyme can throw the microbiome out of balance.

  • Replenishing these supplies can make a big difference.

Step 4: Regenerate

  • There are nutrients available to help regenerate and repair including:

    • L-glutamine for regenerating the mucosa

    • Omega-3 fatty acids for calming inflammation and rebuilding the epithelial cell wall.

    • A collagen supplement for supporting your digestive tract as it heals

    • Ginger for stimulating the production of stomach acid, bile, and pancreatic enzyme.

Step 5: Re-Inoculate

  • Your microbiome is healthy when your gut bacteria is 80-85% beneficial species and 15-20% unfavorable species.

  • We can use high-quality probiotics and prebiotics to help restore the beneficial bacteria and get rid of the unfriendly ones.

Step 6: Reintroduce and Retest

  • Once symptoms improve, foods can be added back into your diet.

  • Continue to avoid processed food and continue to avoid GPS and DNA.

  • Retest for food sensitivities.

Step 7: Retain the Gains

  • Continue sticking to this healthy diet, take appropriate supplements, exercise, get enough sleep, and reduce stress.

  • These are critical to retaining the improvements.

Dietary Improvements

  • Long-term glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate intake may counteract symptomatic spinal disc degeneration.

  • Other helpful supplements are:

    • Melatonin

    • Vitamin D

    • ETArol

    • Hyaluronic Acid

    • Avocado/Soybean Unsaponifiables

    • Nettle Leaf


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