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Investment in My Patients

I am always conscious of the fact that my patients come to see me because they are ready to invest in their health. Sometimes, the investment is spurred by an incident like an injury or an illness. Sometimes it’s the result of a change in attitude. Always, it means that the person is not prepared to stay with their status quo and they know that there is nothing magical about making the changes that are going to help them experience a better quality of life.

Last month I started a new training series that is aimed at developing my expertise in the practice of Nutrition Response TestingSM. New research is continually uncovering insights about how to recognize and treat health conditions that are often a result of life style and our American way of life. This training will give me a deeper well of knowledge to draw from and open up new treatment pathways for patients who have complex situations. My professional development is an investment that I’m eager to take and I hope it demonstrates my commitment to my patients, their health goals, and their investment in themselves.


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