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How Nutrition Response Testing Helped My Family

I thought I had a good pregnancy with my first child. I didn’t have any morning sickness. The only thing with this first pregnancy was that I found milk gave me a stomachache, so I avoided milk. I continued to eat cheese and other dairy products because they didn’t seem to bother my stomach. Other than needing to avoid milk, my first pregnancy went very well. I gave birth to a healthy 7 pounds, 8 oz baby boy. He was only 4 days early. I didn’t use any drugs while I was in labor. I also didn’t have any tearing during the delivery. Although my son was born at a normal weight, he was very slow to gain weight.

I continued to nurse him, but at 9 months he was given formula for the first time while I was out of town for a week-long training. It turns out my breast milk was missing an enzyme so that when it is frozen, it turns sour. After taking this formula, he became sick. He got better after I returned home and started nursing again. Even when we started him on real food, he was never a very good eater.

Then he got sick again when he started daycare when he turned one. We had tried to switch him to cow’s milk. Most people will say that kids always get sick the first time they start daycare or school, so we didn’t think anything of it. Even at 1, he was still barely on the growth charts.

By May of 2012, he had already had at least 3 sinuses infections. Our medical doctor had sent us to Mayo to have a pediatric endocrinologist, pediatric GI doctor, and an allergist look at him. While we were there, he spiked a fever and had to stay overnight in the hospital. The doctors had diagnosed him with failure to thrive. Those are pretty scary words to anyone, especially first-time parents.

I had decided that enough was enough. I connected an NRT doctor that evaluated myself and my son. She found that dairy, corn, and rice were huge contributing factors to his overall health. Although he was at the bottom (or even under) of the growth chart, he continued to hit the rest of his developmental milestones. His teachers keep saying that he is the brightest kid in the class. Once we removed certain foods from his diet, his sinus infections have greatly improved. We now have a small supplement protocol that he takes on a daily basis that is still helping to rebuild his gut. He is now a much happier, healthier kid who actually enjoys food and life in general. I would encourage anyone with kids to have them evaluated by Nutrition Response Testing doctor.


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