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Exhaustion and Fatigue Could Be Your Thyroid

If you are exhausted all the time, even when you have a full night of sleep, then you might have a thyroid issue that is affecting not only your energy level but other aspects of your health as well. Thyroid problems don’t always capture attention because the symptoms are gradual, occurring over the course of months or even years. It’s hard to recognize that you aren’t feeling well if you can’t compare it to a time when you did feel well. Even then, it’s easy to blame other things like your job, a life crisis, or everyday stress for your continuing fatigue.

Thyroid impact on your health

The thyroid produces a hormone that affects your whole body, from your skin and hair, to your brain, heart and digestive system. In addition to low energy and fatigue, symptoms can appear as hair loss, dry skin, inability to lose weight, inconsistent bowel action, fluttery feelings in the chest, inability to focus or changes in appetite and taste. Emotions can also be hard to handle when your thyroid is not functioning properly. Feelings of nervousness and being down can stem from the thyroid issue itself or from having to continually cope with a body that doesn’t do what you need it to do.

Treat the cause, not just the symptoms

Nutrition plays a huge role in how your body functions and if you experience any of these symptoms you should explore how changes in diet and getting the right supplements can turn your health around. Even people who are taking medication for hypo or hyperthyroidism can experience dramatic gains in their health through proper nutrition but you aren’t going to find a cookie cutter diet plan that will get the desired results for everyone. The pathway to health through nutrition has to be designed just for you and the first step is Nutrition Response Testing.

Learn more about how you can overcome fatigue and health problems caused by thyroid issues by attending a class by Dr. Lisa Humfeld-Wilson. Check dates and topics for upcoming classes. Read about Nutrition Response TestingSM and how it is used to create a customized plan that will improve your health and your quality of life.


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