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Digestive Health and You

With digestive health and you, you may be experience bloating, pain after eating, constipation, diarrhea or heartburn. These are symptoms that are rarely discussed in circles and yet affect the majority of the population. There are many factors that affect your digestive and overall health.

One of the things that makes your experience at Humfeld Chiropractic different, is the close attention we give to food journaling. By analyzing what goes into your body we can d

etermine where the pitfalls could be and make those changes. If we don’t change what goes into your body, we are unable to change what comes out.

In addition, Alcat Testing along with Nutrition Response Testing, can help determine which foods are causing problems for your body. Ingesting foods your body is sensitive to, can cause your digestion to be sensitive. Likewise, learning what those foods are allows us to be selective and take control of our health.

Stress also affects the body and it’s digestion and learning how to manage stress can have a dramatic impact.

This informative class will help you and those you care about learn more about the digestive system, what has an effect on it and how you can overcome the challenges that come with digestive issues.


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