Women’s Health

  How many of you women have, or know of another woman who has serious health concerns but just cannot seem to get to the root of the cause? How many times have you heard of a woman who has gone through weeks, months, years of doctoring to find out the cause of weight gain,…

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Natural Healing After Thyroid Cancer

From survival to super with natural healing

When you are a mother of three kids whom you home-school, care for an elderly parent, and run a home based business as well as a household, you need a lot of energy. That was the problem for Alexa*. She just didn’t have the energy to accomplish what she wanted and needed to do each…

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Exhaustion and Fatigue Could Be Your Thyroid

Thyroid conditions can be improved with nutrition

If you are exhausted all the time, even when you have a full night of sleep, then you might have a thyroid issue that is affecting not only your energy level but other aspects of your health as well. Thyroid problems don’t always capture attention because the symptoms are gradual, occurring over the course of…

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Weight Loss and Nutrition Response Testing

Weight Loss and nutrition response testing

Americans are more overweight than ever and these issues are affecting both children and adults alike.  There has been an increase in prevalence of heath conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and arthritis. And it is not a lack of knowledge, we’ve all heard that all we have to do is eat less and…

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