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How is your favorite soft drink affecting your body?

Summer is right around the corner, which means days will be spent grilling outside, kids will be at the pool, and there won’t be a care in the world; except for what you are putting into your body. It’s easy to grab a refreshing soda; but, what is all that carbonation and sugar doing to…

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You Put WHAT In Your Mouth?

As we learn more about the food we are eating and how they affect our bodies, that very question can pop into our minds. We see commercials for fast food, there are coupons for prepackaged goods and even billboards of food products that will “make our lives easier”. But will they really? When we look…

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We Are At WAR!

We are at war! No, not the kind of war that happens between countries. I’m talking about a war for healthy food. We are bombarded by food that has lost it’s genetic blueprint. Science and the food industry love Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) because it’s good for business. However it’s not good for our bodies…

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Paleo Thanksgiving Dressing

Healthy Holiday Option With many holidays coming up over the next several weeks it can be a challenge for some to make healthy choices when it comes to the food that is before us. We know that making a good choice will keep us on the path to healthy living we have set. Eating well…

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Digestive Health and You

Bloating Pain after eating Constipation Diarrhea Heartburn These are symptoms that are rarely discussed in circles and yet affect the majority of the population. There are many factors that affect your digestive and overall health, which will be the topic for this event. One of the things that makes your experience at Humfeld Chiropractic different,…

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Cold and Flu

The season is upon us and no matter where we go, we will hear the sniffing and coughing to prove it. It affects us all in some way, whether it’s someone we work with, a family member or we are feeling a bit run down ourselves. A cold usually has symptoms of a runny nose,…

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You see the color pink on many items that contribute to breast cancer research as well as the pink ribbon. Many of us have been or will be affected by this disease because research shows that breast cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in women.…

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Weight Loss and Nutrition Response Testing

Weight Loss and nutrition response testing

Americans are more overweight than ever and these issues are affecting both children and adults alike.  There has been an increase in prevalence of heath conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and arthritis. And it is not a lack of knowledge, we’ve all heard that all we have to do is eat less and…

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Natural (Whole Food) versus Synthetic Supplements

While many consumers know there is a difference between synthetic and natural vitamins, many do not know what the difference is.  This article will help you understand why you should be using natural, whole food vitamins instead of synthetic vitamins. The named source of the vitamin is our best clue as to whether or not…

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The Dangers of Excess Carbs

When we consume carbohydrates, we are really consuming sugar, but just in a different form.  Carbohydrates are sugar (glucose) molecules bonded together.  When we eat carbohydrates, the pancreas releases insulin to bring down the blood sugar levels.  The hormone insulin also causes our metabolism to store food energy for later.  When we keep eating carbohydrates,…

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