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Weather and Arthritis Joint Pain Connection

The connection between weather and arthritis joint pain.

Ever wondered if the weather affects joint pain arthritis? When the temperature changes up and down with the fluctuations in humidity it can be felt on the human body. Patberg and Rasker (2004) studied the relationship between weather changes and how that impacts joint pain. The connection exists between the weather, and arthritis joint pain. Here’s some good news to understand this phenomenon and what you can do to feel better.

Results The discovery found a connection between the weather temperature, humidity, and vapor pressure (cooling of the skin) that impacts joint pain arthritis.

Climate change and how vapor pressure makes you feel cooler. In warmer weather people wear lighter clothing during outdoor activities. Outdoor activity and movement increase in warmer climates, and the body feels cooler as the vapor pressure is released by wearing lighter-weight clothing. This minimizes the impact of arthritis pain on the joints due to weather. In colder weather people spend more time indoors and activity levels decrease. Heavier clothing is worn for warmth. The heavier clothing traps the vapor pressure, and the skin is not cooled as easily. Joint pain arthritis stiffens and tightens up the muscles and joints decreasing movement.

Weather and Joint pain connection Weather and arthritis connect when joints stiffen, and trap vapor pressure does not breathe to cool the skin under heavy clothing. There is a saying that states, “We need to move it, or we will lose it.” Outdoor activity year-round and movement with clothing that can wick away vapor from the skin. This decreases the pain in joints. So, as the winter months begin, consider the weather and joint pain arthritis, and make plans. Find events to be involved in activities indoor/outdoor throughout the winter months and wear clothing that will breathe to keep your joint pain minimal, so you feel happy.

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