Opioids: chasing and masking pain.

How did we get here?

Starting from when we are young we develop a relationship with pain where we will do anything to prevent it or place a band-aid (either metaphorical or literal) on the place that is hurting.  We mask, medicate, and desire for it to go away as quickly as possible.

We view pain as a negative thing, something that indicates weakness. So, the result is a drive to get rid of the pain right now even if it results in side effects, addiction, and eventually revisiting the pain that was temporarily masked.

What is this shift of paradigm?

What if I told you that pain and illness are actually ways that your body expresses health! That seems contradicting, I know. I’ll explain what I mean.

When we are ill or have an injury which causes pain, physical or emotional, our body has the amazing ability to show you exactly where. Although the symptoms may not be very clear the call for attention is usually quite clear.

Your body is expressing dis-ease, an unease if you will. That is actually an expression of health, because we are designed to maintain a level of health or homeostasis if you want scientific terms. When that balance (homeostasis) is out of whack, you will be given sure indication either by some form of pain or illness. This is the innate ability of each and every cell collectively protecting the overall need to find and maintain balance to stay alive. It is the magic we all have inside! While it is not practical to say, rejoice the pain and/or illness, it is practical to say, be happy that your body has the innate wisdom to signal you for attention!

What a different perspective,  right? Why is this important? We will get to that soon.

Time to retrace the old paradigm.

For many years now doctors, therapists, and the general public have viewed pain as a bad thing. Of course, when you experience pain it’s not something that is enjoyable or something we celebrate, and we never want to disregard any person when they are in pain or ill. That is not the point of this.

The point is that we are conditioned to chase symptoms rather than asking what may be the cause.

You’ve got a headache? Take aspirin. Digestive issues? Tums or another antacid. Anxiety? Pharmaceutical grade anti-anxiety pills. Hormonal challenges? Birth control or other hormone disrupting pills. Labor pains? Try an epidural.

In most modern medical practices we see this regularly. Take John Doe, he’s taking medication for chronic low-back pain. The pills are causing digestive issues, so he takes another pill for that which in turn causes dehydration and headaches, so then he takes a pill for that, the chase goes on and on. We have all either experienced this or know someone who has.

Out of frustration and the need to deal with the pain, Mr. Doe goes back to the doctor for another method of pain relief. This is usually where we see people resort to higher doses or narcotic type drugs for pain relief. And so begins the cycle and an addiction in most extreme cases.

We hear you, and we understand!

People with chronic pain can only take aspirin and ibuprofen for so long before seeking something else. Pain takes a toll on the physical and emotional state of any person.

Most of us have had times in our lives where the pain is so great that we need something and we need it now. There is no shame in that.

The goal is not to shame and judge but to bring a greater awareness of how we are listening to our bodies and how we are treating them. We want to help you find the cause of your dis-ease and treat the underlying cause, rather than chase symptoms and take pills that in turn create more dis-ease to your body.

Preventative health care takes a deeper look because we want you to get well and to stay well! Pain is not a normal state to be in, although many have succumbed to this as being a part of normal life, or getting older.

Why is what we do different and how can it help?

Chiropractic care and designed clinical nutrition look at the how the nervous system is working for each individual. They also look at what deficiencies and toxicities each individual may be facing, and find a specific care plan to balance that out.

With chiropractic we help remove any subluxations of the upper cervical spine which disrupt normal nerve function. When the nerves are free of disruption your brain, organs, and muscles will operate the way they are designed and will be free of pain and discomfort (although the time it takes varies by person). You will have more energy, improved memory, mental stability, less pain, healthy bowel function, the list goes on. With supplemental nutrition support you could see fertility increase, less painful menstrual cycles, hormone balance, digestive conditions will go away, better attention and ability to focus, less headaches, weight loss, the list goes on.

There are no side effects except positive!

Ready to gain control of your pain and overall health?

If you’re ready to learn more about stopping the chase of symptoms so that you can get well, contact us at any time to see how we may be able to help you.

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