Lower Back Pain Helped with Upper Cervical Chiropractic

When a person presents to the office with lower back pain, they are shocked to learn that the actual cause of their low back problem may be in the upper spine. There are a couple of ways that the upper neck can contribute to the development of lower back pain. First, the spine works and moves as one, continuous unit. The two bones at the top of the spine, called atlas and axis, are the two most mobile segments in the entire spine. These two bones move in six different directions, allowing the head to move up or down, bend side to side or turn left or right. The other vertebrae in the spine move primarily in two directions, making them stronger and more stable than the top two vertebrae.

Secondly, the upper cervical region (neck) has thousands of “sensors” that are responsible for maintaining both the proper posture and alignment of the spine, as well as the balance and stability of the head. These sensors are constantly monitoring the head position, making the necessary changes throughout the lower spine to assure that the head remains upright.

When the spine is properly aligned, it is extremely strong and stable. However, the top two segments are extremely vulnerable to injury or misalignment because of their mobility. When a misalignment occurs at the top of the neck, the entire spine compensates or adapts in an attempt to protect the vital nervous system that is encased inside your vertebrae. This triggers a chain reaction from the top of the spine to the bottom. When the head is off balance, the lower spine is compromised; the pelvis is tilted, or one leg may be drawn up or shortened, resulting in an internal weakness and a spine that is imbalanced. This chain reaction also makes the spinal muscles, bones, and discs more vulnerable to injury – an accident waiting to happen. If neglected, an upper cervical misalignment can lead to premature arthritis and irreversible spinal degeneration.

We have helped many individuals suffering from lower back pain with upper cervical chiropractic care in our office. Most sufferers experience a phenomenal improvement in both the severity and frequency of their low back pain with upper cervical chiropractic care at Humfeld Family Chiropractic. Upper Cervical Chiropractic care is not just for neck pain and headaches. It can help many other conditions.