How Scars Can Interfere With Healing

Scars on the surface of your skin from past injuries, piercings, surgeries, tattoos, chicken pox, measles, or wisdom teeth extraction have consistently been found to cause disturbances in the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. They need to be properly and thoroughly handled whenever they show up in Nutrition Response Testing in order to attain optimal results in health improvement. Research has demonstrated that any area of the skin with a scar on it may have abnormal nerve function. These scars can sometimes suddenly “become active” (even years after they were formed) and accumulate nerve electricity, then randomly discharge it, confusing the nervous system. This affects organs in the body, even if they are far away from the scar site. They act as capacitors which accumulate nerve energy and interfere with healing. This information about scars was first developed by Dr. Dietrick Klinghardt, a German Medical Doctor. Because of his work, German surgeons treat all scars that they cause a few months after surgery. American surgeons need to do the same.


Real-world examples

Examples: 1) Heart conditions have rapidly improved with the correct program addressed to a scar which is usually on the chest but could be in a place such as web of the hand. 2) Patients with impaired kidney function have improved when an old appendix scar was given proper attention. 3) Knee scar causing a frozen shoulder. 4) Scar on forehead causing headaches. But most dramatic of all examples have been the unaccountable number of women who have been suffering from various syndromes after giving birth including depression, fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, digestive and/or hormonal problems. The problems usually show up immediately but may show up years (or decades) after giving birth. These women have finally been able to find relief once the underlying casual scar had been handled. Scars such as from episiotomies, tearing, C-sections and abdominal surgeries on or crossing the midline are the main culprits.  Once handled, the correct nutritional programs are finally able to work. If you know someone who has said she “hasn’t been the same since that second child” or “the migraines started after the hysterectomy” there is probably a scar negatively affecting the body. Post-partum depression, inability to lose weight and hormone changes after giving birth are most often associated with an active scar. If you are not experiencing 100% health, you may have an active scar interfering with your body’s healing potential.  Dr. Lisa with Humfeld Family Chiropractic can tell if you have an active scar and how to treat it.