How Physical Pain is Linked to Emotions

I recall a patient that injured his back when he was a child.  His mother had been in the act of scolding him for climbing a tree when he fell from the tree and injured himself.  She lectured him, saying that he would not have been hurt if he had not disobeyed and had used better judgment.  In truth, the boy probably would not have fallen if his mother had not been yelling at him, but that’s another story.  The boy recovered from the injury and all was supposedly forgotten, but his subconscious mind did not forget.  As a result, the two totally unrelated events — the scolding and the injury — were linked in the boy’s mind.  As he grew older, he suffered from a bad back for which there seemed to be no pattern of occurrence.  Sometimes his back pain appeared to result from work; at other times it would start when there had been no unusual activity.  He had seen numerous doctors and orthopedic surgeons.  One of them even diagnosed him as having a ruptured disc and performed surgery.  The surgery was no help.

Having learned that I used B.E.S.T. (Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique), he came to my office seeking relief from his back pain.  During his initial B.E.S.T. treatment, we revealed the link between the scolding incident and his injury.  The trigger for the episodes of pain was any confrontation in which he viewed himself as being guilty of an error or misjudgment.  Thus, if his boss dressed him down for some slip in performance, or if he had an argument with his wife for which he felt in some way responsible, however slight or insignificant the episode might be, his body produced the pain and muscle spasm in the same fashion as in the original injury.  After a few B.E.S.T. visits, the man had not more back trouble. 

By bringing his subconscious and conscious mind to a greater understanding of the erroneous connection between the guilt of error and his pain, we were able to remove a long-standing condition reflex.  To be truly healthy, we need to understand how our beliefs can make us ill.  We don’t need to be victims of illness or injury.  Our mind and intentions, good and bad, directly affect our well-being.  Experience true health with B.E.S.T.  Call the office today at 507-333-5388 to schedule an appointment.