Is Healthy Food REALLY More Expensive?

It may be expensive to eat, but it is more cost efficient to choose healthy food now than later on down the road when you’re facing serious health conditions. The way you eat affects everything from your health to how successful you are. What you choose to eat can affect your mood, relationships, and lifestyle.

We all grocery shop; we see the prices and make decisions from what’s available. Some grocery carts are filled with cookies, boxes of sugary cereals, pastries, chips, ice cream, etc., and then there are some who’s carts are filled with lettuce, tomatoes, bananas, lean meats, etc. Sure, the price at checkout may be cheaper for those purchasing the cookies and ice cream than the person purchasing vegetables, proteins, and lean meats, but they’re going to be consuming the food twice as much, which means overall it is twice as expensive. Here’s why:

  • Eating and drinking foods loaded with sugars and artificial sweeteners causes you to eat more because the food does not nourish you. So, not only are you paying a high price for these items already, you’re eating larger quantities making you purchase them more frequently.
  • Consuming high priced, processed and sugary foods can cause multiple types of illnesses, leading you to taking time off of work, or costly hospital bills.
  • Excessive amount of fatty, sugary, processed foods leads to weight gain. As you continue to gain weight, you take away from an active life, sever relationships, and even possibly never achieve your full potential.

Stated in Body, Mind, & Mouth… Life’s Eating Connection is a great definition of healthy eating: “Eating food that is enjoyable to you, in the quantity that is good for you.” This means the fruits and vegetables you find enjoyable can and should be eaten in a larger quantity, and that decadent dessert of your choice should be eaten in a much smaller quantity. You do not need to deprive yourself but instead, learn to make choices in which you can achieve your desired results. It also means that your grocery cart needs to be filled with more foods that nourish you, and less foods with no nourishment. When looking at the big picture, healthy eating really does cost less money. Here’s why:

  • When you eat foods that nourish your body, you are eating less because you are giving your body the nutrients it requires and you are satisfied with smaller portions.
  • When you eat smaller portions, you are eating less, which causes you to purchase less.
  • Any cravings for sugary items will subside and there will not be a reason to purchase them as often.
  • You will have more energy to fulfill your daily tasks and reach your full potential.
  • You may even find with proper nutrition and regular adjustments, you can live medication-free, which saves you even more money.