Healthiest Coffee On the Planet

If you’ve been into Humfeld Chiropractic and Nutrition Center, it’s likely you have seen the free Organo Gold coffee samples in the waiting area, and have been asked to give it a try.

Wait, a master of health and wellness is encouraging coffee? Yes, and it’s because this coffee is actually very beneficial to your health. Which is why many Chiropractors, Medical Doctors, and Fitness Professionals recommend Organo as a replacement, or even an addition to their client’s daily diet.

In all Organo products there is Ganoderma, a powerful mushroom whose spores are made into a powder, which is then added to the coffee, tea, and hot chocolate products. The Ganoderma spores carry such powerful health benefits that with regular consumption (if you were to drink a cup or two a day) you may experience the following: detoxification and weight loss, boost in stamina, better sleep, strength in the immune system, prevention of tissue degeneration which in turn avoids the occurrence of various diseases. The list of benefits goes on.

If you are interested in trying a sample, stop in. If you are interested in learning more, or would like buy a couple of boxes, stop in or call the office.

You may also visit the Organo Gold website directly, for more product and direct ordering information, here: