Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

One in 6 children in the United States is overweight or obese.
Childhood obesity puts kids at risk for health problems that were once only seen in adults.
70% of obese children already have at least one risk factor for heart disease.
Only 2% of kids in the U.S. eat “healthy” (What does eating healthy really mean?)

What you just read are four nightmarish statistics that sadly, are true for many American children. Since 1963, the rates in childhood obesity have tripled.
There are multiple factors that that are related to why we see such a significant number in overweight and obese children. Some of these factors may include:

  • Socioeconomic factors: family income plays a larger role than race or ethnicity in predicting childhood obesity.
  • Environmental factors: some children have limited access to safe places to play, while others live where there are few nearby places for their parents to buy healthy, affordable foods
  • Adult counterpart factors:  most children in the U.S. are not eating enough nutritious foods or getting sufficient physical activity.

Obese children have an increased risk of developing a wide range of health problems including high blood pressure, high cholesterol (which are both risk factors for heart disease), sleep apnea, bone and joint problems, and chronic health conditions like asthma and type 2 diabetes.

Research has shown that creating healthy eating patterns early on can can help establish lifelong food preferences and habits. Forming good eating behaviors at a young age is critical. Is it really that expensive to purchase healthy foods? (FIND OUT HERE) 

Your kids deserve to be healthy! Schedule an appointment with Dr. Lisa today to discuss if they are receiving their proper nutritional requirements needed to grow up strong and healthy!