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B.E.S.T. (Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique)

Virtues Project of Faribault

The Virtues Project™ is a global initiative to inspire the practice of virtues in everyday life. In Faribault we are starting a movement promoting virtues. At Humfeld Chiropractic & Nutrition Center we believe in the power of forgiveness. It is important to forgive others but also to forgive ourselves. Practicing true forgiveness on a regular…

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Summer Solstice

summer solstice

Summer Solstice is upon us this Thursday, June 21st. There are several different ideas surrounding the meaning of the solstice depending on culture, religion, and scientific evidence. In some cultures the belief is that the solstice is a time of renewal and we love that concept. As we move through the ages we grow by…

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Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Most people have heard of and are aware of what concussions are, and most likely have heard that doctors across all healthcare fields are finding greater issues with long-term effects in people who have suffered concussions. Still there seems to be a great deal of misinformation or rather a dismissal of the seriousness of this…

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Are Antidepressants Really Helping?

Every year, 230 million prescriptions for antidepressants are filled, which makes them one of the most prescribed drugs in the US. The psychiatric industry alone is worth $330 billion even when they do little to cure. Even with all these prescriptions, more than one in 20 americans are depressed, according to statistics from the Centers…

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Stress and Fatigue From Kindness?

Recently a patient came in with some physical challenges. Being a caregiver can be very rewarding. It can also be very stressful. With this stress comes a fatigue like no other. We are happy to help because we love or care for this person who is often a parent or other close relative. Taking care…

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Handle Holiday Grief

Grief is something that affects all of us in one way or another. It could be we are struggling with a loss or someone we know and love could be grieving. Experiencing special events without our loved one can be a challenge. The subconscious part of the brain remembers our time with them as if…

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Healthy Skin

Our skin is the largest organ we have and affects the entire outside of our body. Likewise, what happens inside the body has an effect on the outside, especially in our skin appearance. This includes our entire body, not just our face. Many people suffer from common skin challenges such as acne, eczema and other…

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Sleep Problems and Solutions

At one time or another we have all had trouble with sleep, getting to sleep, falling asleep, or even just staying asleep. Sometimes we do find sleep but then wake up feeling as though we could sleep even more. There are actually many reasons sleep can affect us, which is the topic of our upcoming…

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Cold and Flu

The season is upon us and no matter where we go, we will hear the sniffing and coughing to prove it. It affects us all in some way, whether it’s someone we work with, a family member or we are feeling a bit run down ourselves. A cold usually has symptoms of a runny nose,…

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Put the Brakes On Stress

Put the brakes on stress

Twelve year old Emily* was experiencing excruciating back spasms when her mother brought her in for a consultation. Emily did not have any history of back pain nor had she been in an accident or traumatic physical event that would account for the pain. Emily’s mother was very insightful in recognizing that her daughter’s pain…

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