Upcoming Classes

Healthy Aging

Tuesday, October 4th

What kind of quality of life do you want to have when you are older?  In this class we will discuss how your diet and stress can speed up the aging process. We’ll also share with you which foods offer the minerals that promote good health as we age.



Women’s Health

Tuesday, October 11th

Do you suffer from fatigue, hot flashes, or a low sex drive?  These symptoms might actually be tied to a hormonal problem.  In this class you will learn how you can deal with these female hormonal problems naturally.

5:15PM - 6:15PM


Effects of Sugar

Tuesday, October 25th

In this class we will discuss how you can recognize the presence of sugar by its various names and how it is hidden in normal foods we eat daily. We’ll also talk about what sugar can do to your body and health benefits you can experience by eliminating it from your diet.


All classes are free.  We encourage you to bring a friend with you.
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