How to Break Carb Cravings

Giving up pasta and bread to lose a few sounds definitely sounds like a punishment, especially when it seems to be what everyone else is eating.

Truth be told, despite how often we hear about new low-carb diets, carbohydrates are some of the most important things we eat. They are vital to regulating blood sugar and providing our bodies with energy. Without them our bodies will heavily rely on protein, breaking it down for energy instead of using it in its role of growing and maintaining tissues.
The problem is not that we consume carbs; it’s that we are often consuming the wrong kind of carbs, and very large portions of them.

Check out these 3 tips to break your carb cravings:

1. Cut out all starchy carbs for one week. This includes pastas, breads, rice, bagels, potatoes, pizza, crackers, pretzels, chips, cookies, and cake.
By cutting starchy carbs and replacing them with foods that have a better impact on blood sugar, you achieve a more steady blood sugar control and better manage cravings.

2. Cut out sugary carbs, too. Including candy and sugar-sweetened beverages. These foods can flood the bloodstream and not giving your body any added nutrition.

3. Add fat to your diet – yes FAT! Many healthy, high-fat foods do not cause an insulin release in the body so they keep your blood sugar more stable.
These foods include nuts, nut butters, avocado, olive oil, and full fat dairy.

By following these three tips, you too can kick your carb cravings and get back to that healthy lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of!